Who We Are

We are a property investment company run by Jamie and James. Over the last few years, we’ve both built strong portfolios and gained a unique insight into the world of property investment.

Building our own portfolios has provided us with more time, more freedom to pursue our dreams, and a much better quality of life for our families. We want to help you do the same.

Our Services

We use our property investing experience and knowledge to help our clients grow their wealth and create a secure financial future for themselves and their families.

Portfolio Building

Property Portfolio Building

Don’t have the time or knowledge to invest in property? No problem. Our bespoke investment service takes the stress out of property investment. We will work with you to achieve your financial goals whether you’re looking to buy your first rental or achieve early retirement.

Flipping (Trading)

Property Flipping

Trading property is a great way to create chunks of cash for further investment, business ventures or life’s luxuries. We’ll find you the right property, manage the refurb and oversee the sales process to achieve maximum profit on your project.

Secured Loans

Secured Loans

Would you like to receive a guaranteed monthly income without directly investing in property? We offer returns of up to 10% on loans used to fund Dyad projects, and we ensure your capital is safe by securing the loan against assets.


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