Consultancy Offer

If you see property investing as your ticket for a brighter financial future, it’s vital that you understand it. 

I often meet people who are more confused than ever by property education and the industry as a whole. While property can be the roadmap to our dreams, the big question is “where do we start?”

I’ve invested a huge amount in my property education and it’s been worth every penny. Networking, seminars and courses have allowed me to expand my knowledge and implement the necessary skills. I’m an experienced property investor and I pride myself on being open and honest about where I am on my journey. My consultancy service offers you an opportunity to seek some firsthand information/feedback about where you are and how best you can move forward.

Analysis paralysis and confusion are just two of the barriers that hit you hard when considering the first or next step on your journey. 

I can help you clarify what to expect at the stage you’re at, whether you’re just starting out or have a couple of investments already in the bag.

As with everything, you’ll progress faster in property investment if you think of it in simple terms. 

I like to compare investing in property to making a pizza. There are three main ingredients: dough, base and toppings. In property investment, these are the equivalent of location, strategy and team. 

It really is that simple. 

Skip any of the three and it doesn’t work (and technically it’s not a pizza). 


Location is often referred to as your goldmine area but it’s essentially your investment area. It’s where you’ve chosen to invest your money in property. It’s your choice of location. There are many factors to consider when choosing your location, such as proximity to you, other local investments, your travel time and proximity to other resources required to make your venture a success.


What strategy will work for you? What strategy will work for your time invested, your family and your work commitments? You might be excited and want to explore them all, but not all strategies work in all locations. For example, Scotland can offer a very different investment market to England. There are many councils which view things differently but essentially executing the basics well will give you the fundamentals to move forward with assurance and purpose. 


You are only as good as your team, which in property investment includes solicitors, builders, brokers, agents and tradesmen. Your team has the ability to make the process smoother – or considerably harder. Surrounding yourself with people who see your success as their success can give you a massive push towards your end goal. Learning who to listen to and how best to allocate your budget is what we get better at as we progress. No keen cook ever walked into the kitchen and instantly became a chef. Somebody helped along the way. It could be gentle advice from a family member or the hard graft of kitchens of Pierre Koffmann. 

Throughout your property investment journey, these recipe basics (location, strategy and team) don’t change. Some say their best deal was their first deal, while others get better as their journey progresses. We’re all different. Before investing in property, I spent my working life as a TV producer, helping people bring a reality to their visual or written scripts via the right cast and the right locations. 

I can help you make your property dreams a reality too. 

The property world is exciting, but can be a minefield as well. Learning the best way to navigate it can be daunting as we digest all the initial information. While we can learn valuable lessons from early mistakes, it’s important to avoid the costly ones. We all yearn for stability and the hope of a stronger financial future for ourselves and our family. By using my simple pizza analogy I can help anyone avoid one or two of the pitfalls of property investing. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the quantity of information out there. Much of it is good and helpful, but it’s important to identify the information most relevant to you and your journey.  

Let’s look at a few of the various strategies.

  • Buy to let
  • Buy to sell
  • Serviced Accommodation/Holiday Lets
  • Rent to Rent
  • Commercial Property 
  • Commercial conversion
  • Lease options
  • HMO
  • Land development 

The property consultancy package I offer is broken down like this: 

  • An initial meeting where we discuss your vision, your circumstances and what you’d like to achieve from property investment.

  • A follow-up call in which I’ll present a few ideas on how I feel you can move forward and begin to implement a path/direction best suited to you as an investor.

  • Further time considering your investment ideas, understanding home reports, talking about yield, navigating RightMove and figuring out who the key players in your team will be. 

  • For an agreed fee, you’ll get a month’s complete access in which I’ll compile a roadmap and guide you through everything you need in the early stages of property investment. This straightforward package is designed to avoid huge mentoring fees and complex training, which often confuses rather than simplifies, and aren’t productive for everyone. 

  • We’ll visit my chosen investment area and discuss the challenges and successes I’ve had, as well as work out the pros and cons of your chosen area to ensure our time together is focused on you. 

This is your journey, but we all need a helping hand. I’m here to support you, keep you on the right track and help make your property dreams come true. 

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