Property Journey

We’ve all got something unique to offer the world. There is nobody else exactly the same as you on this planet of 7 billion people. And there has never been more opportunity in the world than there is now. We have one life and there is enough money for everybody but taking your slice takes hard work!

The ability to make your money work for you is key to your future financial security. Over the past three years, I’ve built a property portfolio that will give myself and my children a level of financial security beyond what I thought possible only a few years ago. Understanding the various strategies in property investing and being able to implement the ones that have most suited my personality and aligned with my lifestyle has given me the life balance I craved in my previous career, travelling the world producing television commercials.
Property investing isn’t for everybody, and it’s certainly not the passive income we’re lead to believe it is. True passive income comes from equity growth – nowhere else. You need to manage your investment (or at least manage the person managing it). However, it’s an excellent way to secure a better future provided you apply some rules and take the time to understand some fundamentals. Not all of us find it the easiest subject to study and even when we do, it can be confusing. Many of us know we should invest but yet find ourselves stuck with the menu as the restaurant closes…

If you’ve got this far then I’m pretty confident you’ll have the Rightmove & Zoopla apps on your phone, and possibly browsing daily looking for a deal without actually knowing what a true deal is. You fully understand it’s a massive commitment, and you’re a little tentative and cautious about making a big mistake. 

This is where I can help you.  

I remember how I felt in 2014 when some big government legislation was announced for the industry. Clause 24 was a real game changer and the repercussions are still being felt and will continue to change the landscape for many seasoned investors. I remember agonizing over whether to keep the portfolio in my own name or to set up a limited company. What I do know is that ultimately, I ended up doing what was right for me. I spent a lot of time discussing it with many people I’d met and respected within the property investment community. I can offer the same support, based on what I’ve learned from experience and hard work.  

I’ll help you avoid the turkeys, keep it legal and advise on the key ingredients of property investing. I’ll help you make the first steps towards changing the course of your financial future. 

By the way, do you know what property investing and pizza making have in common? Three main ingredients. Dough, base, and toppings – a.k.a. location, strategy, and team.

To find out more, call me on 07483 177 273 or contact me through the links and I’ll get back to you.

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